Small World Nursery School is a private preschool located in Ipswich, MA.  We are fully licensed by the Office of Child Care Services and are committed to encouraging the intellectual development of children. 

We provide an enjoyable and stimulating program designed to increase your child’s knowledge and understanding of the world. Our school is a supplement to the child’s home experiences.  We provide a secure environment in which we offer a variety of activities geared to an individual’s capabilities.

All are welcome at this school! Small World does not discriminate in providing services to children and their families on the basis of race, color, national ethnic origin, marital status, political belief, disability, or sexual orientation.


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what they are saying...

“Our daughter began attending Small World over one year ago and since her first day there, she has bounced out of bed when she learns that it is a preschool day. Small World is a wonderful place for young children to take an active role in learning. Using thematic units, Miss Tasia and Miss Julie structure the school day in a way that children feel comfortable exploring new concepts and making important connections to the word around them. Our daughter has felt like an important part of her Small World family because of the sense of community that is the foundation of this program. Miss Tasia and Miss Julie gently encourage the children to become independent and responsible members of their learning community. We feel confident that our daughter will continue on to kindergarten with the skills and experiences that will ensure a wonderful school experience.”

    -Katie D, Haverhill



1 Meeting House Green

Ipswich, Massachusetts




Small World Nursery School

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