Classes at Small World

Our curriculum is designed to be flexible with an emphasis on learning by doing.  We have open play, circle time, snack, craft and outdoor activity each day.  We also incorporate music activities, field trips, and special events into our regular schedule. 

Our school year is divided into two to three-week periods where we focus on interesting and timely modules.  Examples of modules we may study include the Rain Forest, Native Americans, Dinosaurs, Under the Sea, and Cold and Snow.  We do art projects, learn songs, and read stories to incorporate the topic into our daily routines.

Our curriculum is designed to increase self-esteem and develop social skills while preparing your child for a life-long learning experience.  We want Small World to be a fun place for your child to learn!

some things we learn about...
animal habitats
the rainforest
disability awareness
under the sea
boats and beaches
in the sky
100 acts of kindness
fun field trips:
the ipswich public library
the council on aging
russell orchards
the river walk
the post office
zumis espresso and ice cream
the institution for savings
and many many more...



1 Meeting House Green

Ipswich, Massachusetts




Small World Nursery School

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