music with miss jill

This program is designed with a young child’s developmental process in mind. It features singing games, folk dance, creative movement, yoga, stories, and music! This class is taught by our music teacher, Jill Gliem, who comes to us with 27 years of experience as a lead teacher specializing in music and dance.

intergenerational program

Each month, the children visit the patrons at the Ipswich Council on Aging. During our visit activities are planned to encourage interactions between the seniors and the children. These activities include a story. art project, and a snack.

library visits

Our convenient location allows for us to make a monthly visit to the library. We visit with the librarians for a story and a craft.



1 Meeting House Green

Ipswich, Massachusetts




Small World Nursery School

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Classroom Helpers

Our classroom is a community and our students are learning to be active members! Each child has a weekly job, like teaching a yoga pose, leading the line, or watering the plants. Having a job helps boost self confidence and teaches responsibility. The kids love to come to school each week and see what fun new job they will be responsible for. Will it be the table washer, taking home the bear bag or maybe even sharing a treasured item from home in the mystery box?