Small World provides an environment within which the child may grow socially, physically, emotionally, and intellectually.  We recognize that each child’s rate of progress and development is unique and we accept each child at his or her own level of development.

Three to five year olds are active, curious human beings beginning to seek their own identities.  Small World provides many and varied experiences in which the child will develop a positive self-concept.  It is our goal to teach children that learning is fun.

We enhance self-sufficiency through a variety of hands-on experiences and we reinforce socializing with peers and respect for others by sharing group experiences.   At Small World, we help build a positive self-image through praise and encouragement. 


Our Philosophy

what they are saying...

“My three children have all attended Small World Nursery school and I can’t say enough good things about the program. The teachers really set the atmosphere of the school, Tasia, Julie, and Pam create a warm, relaxed, and nurturing environment with their hands on approach to learning. Academics are not forced, but introduced in fun, age appropriate ways my kids have enjoyed. They really make parents and children in the program feel like they are part of a school family, which is something I will miss when my youngest graduates this spring and heads off to kindergarten. My children and I will always have great memories of the times they spent at small world”

    -Melissa B, Ipswich



1 Meeting House Green

Ipswich, Massachusetts




Small World Nursery School

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